Mnemonic codes - abstract contemporary painting by C.Stefan (ArtStudio29)

Mnemonic codes # 003

This original abstract painting in black and white with metallic copper accents, was created with acrylic paint and dry pastel on paper.
The artist applied the paint to the paper which was folded beforehand and then unfolded before the paint was applied.

Basically, the title of this table refers to the "memory" of the paper ... which is "highlighted" at random, by the application of the acrylic material.
But this work also refers to bits of human memory that influence our daily actions and exploits.
The artwork can be hung vertically or horizontally, at your convenience.


Frame and mat not included.


NOTE: The folding of the paper of this painting is an integral and voluntary part of this artistic creation.


Certificate of authenticity provided.

Mnemonic codes #003

  • Acrylic and  Dry Pastel on paper

Artwork Details