Outdoor lifestyle - Kayaks on the lake - original painting

Outdoor lifestyle - Kayaking on the lake

In this impressionist-inspired painting, the artist invites us on an autumnal kayak excursion.
The sky is composed of a myriad of multicolored brushstrokes that evoke the movement of clouds, while lit by the sun, while darkened by a passing thunderstorm.
The calm waters of the lake, in contrast to the twirling clouds, reflect the line of trees that have begun to clothe the mantle of autumn. During this time, two kayaks glide smoothly on the water lit by a few rays of sun that thread their way through the holes in the clouds.

This landscape is made in acrylic on canvas stretched over a wooden frame. The image continues to the sides of the canvas. Supervision not required.

The certificate of authenticity will accompany this work.

Outdoor lifestyle - Kayaks on the lake

  • 24 x 30 x 0.8 in  /   60.5 x 76 x 2 cm


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Greater Montreal, Quebec, Canada


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